Aged Care Services

Funding support from the Commonwealth Department of Health (DoH) and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), supplemented by our Filipino Brokerage Program and other fund-raising activities, provide the primary resources to the organisation for continuously spearheading the provision of culturally sensitive, responsive, person-centered, ethical and quality community aged-care services. These culture-specific services ensure equal access to aged care services available to people aged 60 and over, specifically of Filipino background. Furthermore, they provide equal opportunities to the Filipino older population to enjoy a better quality of live, active choices, and independence within their own cultural context.

Old woman home care with social service

What programs are included in aged care?

Funded aged care services of FCCVI include Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), previously known as Home and Community Care (HACC), and Home Care Packages (HCP), formerly known as Community Aged Care Packages (CACP).

Commonwealth Home Support Program

Entry-level program assisting older individuals with daily tasks for independence.

Home Care Packages Program

Tailored community care for older individuals with complex needs or disabilities.

Brokerage Program

Enhancing cultural responsiveness and holistic care for older adults.
Group of volunteers with working in community charity donation center.

Community Services

Funding grants and collaborative partnerships with various agencies and government departments as well as fund-raising activities, provide resources, support, and capacity to FCCVI to continuously carry out programs and services for our staff, volunteers and members of the community.

Between 2019 and 2021, we have successful grant applications with various State and Commonwealth government and capacity building grants or collaboration with the Brimbank City Council and other not for profit organisations.

We have successful grant applications from the Victorian Government namely: Priority Response to Multicultural Communities with Covid-19 Phase-2 and Phase-3, Multicultural Seniors Grant, International Student Welfare Program (Study Melbourne), and Multicultural Communications Grant.

What programs are included in Community?

We have been successful in signing Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) Transitions Grants from FY 2020-2023 from our current CHSP Funding. We are also successful in holding an Australia Day 2021 festival funded by the Australia Day Council. We are also successful in various funding round from the Beconnected Network including Digital Mentors, Digital Device and Get Online Week Grants. Locally, FCCVI is successful for obtaining the Brimbank Community Recovery Grants, Brimbank Covid-Partnership Program and training and development support from WCIG and the Mental Health Foundation Australia.

Emergency Relief Program

Distribution of groceries and other household essentials.

Bicultural Work Program

Community support: information, referrals, COVID-19 sites, testing, vaccination.

Capacity Building Program

Training and development support for staff, volunteers, and community members.

Beconnected Program

Supporting digital learning for individuals 50+ through mentoring and device loan.

Study Melbourne Inclusion Program

Focused welfare support for Filipino international students facing employment, isolation, mental health challenges.
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