Cecilia Hayes

Deputy Chief Financial Officer


Celine is a graduate of Computer and Secretarial Management, equipping her with valuable skills in office administration, communication, and organization. Her educational background provides a solid foundation for her role as the Assistant Public Relations Officer.

Professional Experience:

Celine is currently working in the front-line industry, where she contributes her skills and expertise to serving the needs of clients and customers. Her experience in this sector reflects her dedication to providing excellent service and supporting the community in a direct and impactful manner.


Cecilia "Celine" Hayes is a dedicated and versatile individual with a strong background in computer and secretarial management. As the Assistant Public Relations Officer, Celine plays a crucial role in promoting the organization and maintaining positive public relations. Her educational background, professional experience in front-line industries, and extensive involvement in community organizations showcase her commitment to community service, emergency relief efforts, and supporting charitable initiatives.

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