Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief

Distribution of groceries and other household essentials. This program is funded by Victorian Government through Priority Response to Multicultural Communities with Covid-19 Phase 2, 3 and 4 grants.

Community Services

Emergency Relief Program

Providing essential groceries and household items through government-funded grants.

Bicultural Work Program

Connecting our community with Covid-19 resources, testing, and vaccination support.

Capacity Building Program

Empowering growth through training and development partnerships with local providers.

Beconnected Program

Enabling digital learning for seniors through mentoring and device support.

Study Melbourne Inclusion Program

Empowering Filipino international students with targeted welfare support and engagement.

How to enrol?

Email Us: clientcare@fccvi.org.au

Call Us: (03) 9687 9011

Visit Us: Unit 10, 463A Somerville Road, Brooklyn, VIC 3012

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