Liza Di Blasio



Liza holds a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, majoring in Management, which has provided her with a solid foundation in business principles and organizational management. In 2017, she completed her Cert IV in Business Administration, further strengthening her skills in administration and leadership.

Professional Experience:

Currently, Liza works as an Admin Officer Supply Chain at Hosico Engineering Braeside, where she showcases her expertise in coordinating and managing administrative tasks within a dynamic supply chain environment. Her role involves overseeing various supply chain activities, ensuring smooth operations and efficient workflow.


Flordeliza "Liza" Di Blasio is a dedicated and accomplished individual with a strong passion for community service and leadership. As the President of the Filipino Community Council of Victoria Inc. (FCCVI), she has been instrumental in fostering unity and promoting the welfare of the Filipino community. Liza's educational background, professional experience, and philanthropic endeavors have made her a respected figure within the community.

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