Florida Bridgman

Chief Financial Officer


Flor graduated from Warrnambool TAFE, where she completed a program in Business Office and Administration. Her educational background in business administration provides her with the necessary skills to fulfill her role as an Assistant Treasurer effectively.

Professional Experience:

Flor currently works in Food Services at the Warrnambool Base Hospital. Her experience in this field showcases her dedication to providing quality services within a healthcare setting. Her attention to detail, organizational skills, and ability to work in a fast-paced environment contribute to her success in this role.


Florida "Flor" Pascua Bridgman is a dedicated individual with a strong commitment to community service and financial management. As the Assistant Treasurer, Flor plays a vital role in supporting the financial operations of the organization. Her educational background, professional experience in food services, and extensive involvement in community organizations highlight her dedication to making a positive impact and supporting charitable initiatives.

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