Neselie Gavanzo

Deputy Chairperson


Ness holds both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Arts, specializing in Anthropology. Their educational background in anthropology has provided them with a deep understanding of human behavior, cultural dynamics, and social structures, which greatly informs their work in social services.

Professional Experience:

Currently, Ness serves as a Senior Therapeutic Practitioner on a full-time basis. They have worked in various capacities within the family violence and services sector, demonstrating their expertise and commitment to supporting individuals and families affected by domestic violence. Their work involves providing therapeutic interventions, counseling, and support to survivors, with a focus on healing and empowerment.


Ness Gavanzo is a dedicated and compassionate professional who has made significant contributions to the field of social work and community advocacy. With a strong educational background in anthropology and extensive experience in the family violence and services sector, Ness has become a respected figure in supporting and empowering individuals affected by family violence. Their leadership roles, volunteer work, and successful grant applications reflect their commitment to social justice and community development.

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